Saturday, April 14, 2007

Are We There Yet?

These guys are almost funny, their hubris knows no bounds. Every single last one of them is a walking talking example of the Peter Principle. Some of them not only rose to their level of incompetence, they surpassed it. By a wide margin.

They planned, clumsily, to start the Iraq war under false pretenses. Start being the operative word because there were no plans for what to do after achieving the goal of destabilizing a sovereign nation. Shock and awe turned into the purple finger of hate, pointing to us as occupiers, not as liberators and exemplars of democracy, when it wasn't busy triggering some type of explosive device. The only example we have been able to set recently is how to destroy the best military in the world by treating them as if they were replaceable. Four years later and the troops are being forced to spend more time in a war zone than they do recovering and reintegrating into society. Then off to war they go again. Is that really a plan?

Anything and anyone is replaceable, as long as the big three are protected. It's sort of like watching a not so well acted version of Lifeboat. Or musical chairs.

For an administration that was going to remove the stain of "I did not have sex with that woman" from the White House, they have done admirably well. Nobody's been busted for having sex with a woman, they've been too busy lying and trying to cover their trail. On the scale of actual harm to the country, one becomes nostalgic for the era of the presidential blowjob. Having fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers come home in a body bag helps to put things into perspective.

While sex may not be a motivating factor to the current administration, arrogance and the abuse of power, are. Yes, everyone serves at the pleasure of the president - that doesn't mean that hiring incompetent people because they believe and firing competent ones so even more believers can demonstrate their lack of qualifications to the world - is a good policy. It would have been nice if somewhere along the line, someone had remembered that they were there to serve the American people, not a belief system.

They have been acting like little children on the playground of the big boys. So drunk with power that they decided to break laws in order to remain king of the hill. And true to form, got caught lying about it. Why can't they admit they were trying to stack the deck and be done with it? People usually only try to hide when they are doing something they know is wrong, or at least that's what they keep telling us to justify all the new surveillance powers the government needs, supposedly in the pursuit of terrorists. With as many liberties as the administration has taken with the Bill of Rights, one would think there would be ample technology to recover those lost emails, wouldn't one? Otherwise, what's the point of all that power? And what has the taxpayer been paying for if it's that simple to erase sensitive emails from existence?

Pretty soon there won't be anyone left to take one for the team and yet the administration will continue to remain as oblivious as Nixon until the end. How many innocents will suffer in the meantime?

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