Monday, January 07, 2008

Why Should They Be President?

Like most of America I'm more than a little tired of nonstop election news, but what I really dislike about it the most is that the press continually does everything in their power to marginalize John Edwards. They are dismissive of everything about his candidacy and are determined to make this race into Hillary or Obama only, even if he is consistently in the top three. This is not democratic and it certainly isn't fair.

I'm tired of reading about the two anointed ones and not about the one who actually believed in what he was doing so that when he ran the last time, he, unlike Joe Lieberman, didn't run a concurrent fall back campaign for Senator. The amount of attention that Obama and Clinton have paid to their present terms of office has been nil. And it shows.

In the last year while they have been running for higher office they have neglected the duties they were elected for. Meanwhile, Bush has continued to run rampant over the Constitution. The Patriot Act was made more dreadful, a war that the majority of Americans want ended was funded numerous times, an Attorney General continually lied to Congress by pretending that he had an advanced form of political Alzheimer's and got away with it, the CIA revealed how they had been compromised by politics and America's financial situation continued to deteriorate. Why would I want to vote for them?

While I almost always vote Democratic, that isn't an excuse to continue. My vote won't be missed because the candidates have moved on to the MTV generation with its short attention span and no knowledge of history. So far there have been ten presidents in my lifetime, all of them promised change. And they did. They changed their circumstances, not mine.

I'm disappointed in America. Ten years ago a blue dress, a cigar and a blowjob were used to try and take down a President that was improving the lives of the citizens he was sworn to lead and some sections of the country were up in arms bout the immorality of it and determined that he needed to be impeached. Now we have a President who has done his best to eliminate everything but the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights, believes that the Constitution is just a piece of paper and that because he is The Decider, he is always right. Even if not one of his grand visions has worked out properly.

The press has rammed Bush down our throat since 1999. They belittled, tried to humiliate and worst of all, portrayed the other candidates as being out of touch with America when it was the other way around. Now they are at it again. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will not be able to change how Washington operates because they have sold their souls and their principles to get there and they both like power for power's sake. Voting "present" or voting something out of committee so you can vote against it on the floor isn't leadership, it's pandering to the people you think can make you President. The people and their wishes aren't as important as the candidate's desire to have one ring to rule them all.

Meanwhile, the candidate that has been tirelessly out campaigning on his own time is reduced to a haircut. His plans are better, his words are better, his attitude is better, he's adamant about bringing our tired troops home and the press keeps finding new ways to portray him as an effeminate wimp or worse. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot. What's up with that?


Update: It seems that Glenn Greenwald in Salon (you have to watch an ad) has an article along the same lines.

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  1. Edwards is marginalized because he speaks against the very things that Corporate America, who dictate the political process represent.

    Thus people like Edwards are held out on a branch with the saws buzzing away.