Monday, October 19, 2009

They Say

What I don't understand about Republicants is that they say human life is sacred.  Until it's born.  Or in a country they believe should be bombed because they don't like its leader. 

They say every child has a right to life and then do everything in their power to make life harder for the child to succeed after it's had its first breath.  They say the poor and minorities have too many children as they restrict access to birth control and abortion.  Viagra, on the other hand, will probably be available over the counter in a few years. 

They wail and gnash their teeth about sixteen year olds having sex because they don't know the consequences of their actions, yet are perfectly comfortable sending thirteen year olds to prison for life.  And are sad that the Supreme Court won't let them put them to death.

They talk about supporting the troops, which really means sending them into as many armed conflicts as possible so they can use as much replaceable killing equipment as possible, but don't want to do anything to support those same troops once they have been injured or have returned home to families that don't know them anymore and to jobs that no longer exist.

They say people should find jobs to support their families instead of using welfare and food stamps and then continue to make it easier for corporations to send their operations overseas leaving whole neighborhoods and towns to be decimated by unemployment.  Then they give the corporations an even bigger tax break saying it will encourage companies to create more jobs.  Overseas.

They say people should get an education to get ahead and then cut or eliminate programs designed to do just that.  They say they want children to learn, as long as it doesn't involve free thinking, history, civics, biology or the arts. 

They say you should support the president under any and all circumstances, until it's a president they didn't elect.  

They say they believe in freedom of religion, as long as it's Christianity.  They say they believe in freedom of speech, yet object when it's anybody but them speaking. They say they believe in freedom of the press, as long as it's printing their point of view.  They say they believe in freedom of assembly, as long as you are a teabagger, birther or watch Fox New on a daily basis, not if you are against the war, oil corporations or the police killing unarmed civilians.

They say they have the right to bear arms while totally ignoring the well regulated militia requirement.

They say America is the land of the free, yet we have the highest rate of incarceration in the world.  They say America is the home of the brave, yet most decisions made since 9/11 have been based on fear.

They say...a lot of things I don't believe in.


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