Thursday, March 17, 2005

That Green Drinking Day

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I love to listen to KFOG, 97.7/104.5 in the Bay area. I am a proud and dedicated Foghead. I listen most of the day, but my favorite is the morning show ending with 10@10. These guys have such a good time on the radio and they actually play quite a bit of music in between the chatting. Each morning they have at least one guest, usually two.

This morning they had on the Pacific Boys Choir. They sang Danny Boy. An extremely sad song that should only be sung and heard while drunk. First of all it is just downright depressing. Secondly it isn't very melodic. You know the kind of song. It has high notes that have to be hit in the most unusual places. Well, they nailed them. Perfectly. Age of one of the kids was 10. He had his birthday last week. Almost made the song tolerable. You just have to ignore the words.

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  1. Hi Debra...

    Really? This was your last post? I wanted to thank you for your time regarding those spasms in my head. For a couple days after the adjustment I had with my REAL chiropractor, the spasms persisted. They seem to be gone now. I never did find out if you would travel to Richmond to treat me and my family, or do you know of anyone in my area?

    BTW: Do you think you'll still organize that informational class about asian greens? I still think that's a great idea. Let me know.