Friday, August 19, 2005

I'll bet

Rodney King, who was actually guilty of something, is thinking he actually got off really easy. - Outrage grows in England over mistaken police killing: "Officers trailed Menezes for more than a half-hour before the shooting, and no attempts were made to stop him, according to ITV. The surveillance officer who called in reports about Menezes described him as wearing a denim jacket and carrying nothing, but suggested he was 'worth someone else having a look.'

The Brazilian calmly entered the Stockwell subway station, paused to pick up a free newspaper and used his travel card to pass through the barriers, according to the ITV report citing documents apparently based on closed-circuit TV footage.

After descending the escalator and running to catch his train, Menezes took a seat. One of at least three surveillance officers who had followed him onto the train pointed him out to armed police.

The surveillance officer says he then 'heard shouting which included the word 'police,'' ITV reported. Menezes stood up and walked toward the surveillance officer, who tackled Menezes and pushed him back into the seat. Then 'I heard a gunshot very close to my ear and was dragged away on to the floor,' the officer said.

A police spokesman told AP that officers have the authority to decide to shoot to kill if they believe their lives or those of the general public are at risk, especially regarding a suspected suicide bomber.

What were they thinking? They knew nothing, had no evidence and proceeded to an irrevocable decision. 7 times. To the head. Point blank.

I am so grateful that I wasn't a direct witness. Imagine, sitting on the train with your coffee and paper, all of a sudden "BOOM" many times, flying pink stuff and lots of screaming. Oh wait, that already happened, just that this time it was the people you depend on to protect you.

A whole different type of terror.

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