Saturday, August 06, 2005

No wonder they hate us

The mafia isn't going to like this. What possessed these people? Were they thinking? Charging rent on property you don't own? Prison photos, shooting innocent civilians, this is getting out of hand. Next we will probably find out some Company set up a brothel that serves alcohol and hot dogs.

Guard members from East Bay said to charge Iraqis 'rent': "Earlier this year, according to military officials and members of the battalion, soldiers from the battalion's Bravo Company approached several businesses owned and operated by Iraqis. Bravo Company is based in Dublin, and the 1st Battalion has its headquarters in Modesto.

The businesses -- a dry cleaner, a convenience store and others -- catered to U.S. soldiers and were located on the fringe of the U.S. military's operating base inside the Green Zone, the fortified hub of the Iraqi government, U.S. occupation officials, foreign embassies and contractor headquarters. The businesses were asked to pay the soldiers 'rent.'"

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