Monday, August 01, 2005

Shopping is hard

I hate to shop. I like knowing what I want, walking into a store, pick up said item, pay for it and leave. I do not like to dither. I don't wear makeup because I don't have the patience to figure out what particular shade of sugar cinnamon I am. Plus it makes me itch, but I digress.

So my brother is selling his house and all his possessions and he drops off this area rug that is black with a border that has some shade of burgundy and something that might be a pale shade of yellow. My living room is drowning in blue and black. Way too much water. My options are to paint an accent wall in the room (apartment!), buy new furniture ($$$), the suddenly fashionable slipcovers ($$), or as HGTV points out, I can buy accessories to pull it all together ($).

I spent 3 hours at Bed, Bath and Beyond looking for pillows, throws, etc. My back and feet are killing me. In return, I have matching pillows, candles and a new fountain to harmonize the disparate elements. Looks great. The pillows match the colors of the rug perfectly. I haven't been this coordinated since I had that gay roommate back in the 80's.

The living room looks calm, peaceful and slightly elegant.

He gave us his dining room table, which is a pale green with a white pine border. Nice, it matches the little bookcase that I already own, but now my computer desk is too big.

His downsizing is costing me money.

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