Sunday, August 28, 2005

They are joking aren't they?

Please tell me we aren't wasting money that this state doesn't have to force warnings on products that are already known as being unhealthy. When SuperSize Me came out last year there was a big OMG you shouldn't eat at McDonald's, it's bad for you. They rushed around adding healthy food to their "menu" and what happened? Nobody ate it. Most of the restaurants who changed their menus to reflect the new way of eating, have slowly gone back to the food that people will actually order when they go out. - California files french fry lawsuit - Aug 27, 2005

People don't care. They are going to eat what they want, just like they will drink and do drugs, smoke and have unprotected sex. Writing inane laws and litigating companies will not change human behavior.

Aren't there other problems in society that don't require legislation? Fix those potholes the president liked to talk about, pay the teachers a living wage in the area they teach, get us some decent public transportation so this country can be less dependent on non-renewable resources. Let's plan for the future while trying not to repeat the mistakes of the past.


  1. Hey, just add some laws that say people won't be covered by insurance and hospitals won't treat you if you develop cancer from diet or smoking, heart disease caused by diet, and obesity caused by diet.

    Lower medical costs, government expenses, and teach people it's their own damn fault.

  2. I don't want any more laws regarding personal behavior. I want my government to make sure I have fresh air and water, a good educational system, a lack of anarchy in the streets. They can stay out of my refrigerator, bedroom, and gynecologists office.