Friday, August 26, 2005

This Is the Beginning

For the last five years I have felt alone, surrounded by people who just didn't understand that we were headed down a slippery slope since the 2000 election. After 9/11 I spent months trying to calm people's fears because of watching the same scenes over and over again, as if you would ever forget it once you realized it wasn't a bad movie, as the media and the government whipped people into an unreasoning frenzy. Literally. A ridiculous majority vocally endorsed both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, neither of which qualifies as a success. Osama bin Laden is still out there and even on a good day the Iraqi people can't go to the market without fear and the lovely three hour on and off policy of cycling electricity is something that Americans would put up with for about 1 day. Then we do things like replace our governor, another fine example of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

If you spoke out against the war, you were labeled un-American and accused of not supporting our troops. A country that cuts Veteran's benefits while going to war shows an interesting dichotomy of thinking. Not unusual in a population this large, but very unusual in a country with a supposedly free press, the ability to access information via the internet at will, and until recently a relatively intelligently designed education system. There were isolated voices, but we were considered the fringe, the wackos, the malcontents. We just didn't "understand".

Well, it's a couple of years later, over 2100 American service people dead, Osama's been forgotten and we are definitely in Messopotamia. It must be time to rewrite history. Unfortunately, for most people this will just be an effort in futility. - War Room: "The Inquirer reports: 'Robert L. Traynham, Santorum's spokesman, said a search of Nexis, a news database, and the office's press clippings had not turned up any account of those comments.' Traynham and Santorum both say, however, that Santorum may have made comments about Iraq that just haven't shown up in any record. 'I do a lot of interviews on TV, on radio, with print reporters who don't happen to write everything I say,' Santorum told the Inquirer. 'The fact that it hasn't turned up in print doesn't mean I haven't said it.'"

Whoever finds these imaginary comments should be given the job of finding Osama and the real reason we are in Iraq. I mean the real one, not the one in the press this week.

The blogger spell check really wants to replace Santorum with sanatorium. Psychic?

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