Saturday, September 03, 2005

Alternate Reality or Deliberate Plan?

I am 49 years old and up until this point I have never been accused of having a chip on my shoulder about being a person of color. I actually have always thought I was pretty lucky because I am the shade that blondes like to waste hours of their lives on the beach, by the pool, or under a lamp, to become a precancerous aged leathery version of what I have naturally. I have never thought it was a conspiracy that even with a Master's degree, a great sense of humor, the ability to cook up a storm, no children, and no drug or alcohol abuse, I haven't been able to secure my financial present or future.

Until now. I thought racism was dying out, but between the Darfur situation and what I truly believe is a calculated debacle on the Gulf Coast, I need to reconsider my fairy tale view of the US and realize that unless you entertain the people in power or provide a service they don't feel like doing, you are expendable and just using resources that can go to their friends or unemployed offspring.

First lady visits Louisiana center, says it's not like what you're seeing on T-V: "Mrs. Bush has visited an evacuation center inside the Cajundome in Lafayette. She told reporters the center 'doesn't really look like what we're seeing on television.' The first lady says 'some things are working really, really well in Louisiana.'

Things are going great if it's your intent to reduce the black and poor population of the United States. Things are going swimmingly. Unlike her husband, this woman is not known for verbal gaffes. I can't believe that they are this clueless. Behind closed doors they're laughing at how dumb the public is to believe that this is because they were incompetent when really it's their version of the "Final Solution".

They probably order up popcorn to eat while watching Volcano and wishing it really would take out Los Angeles, at least the section with all those brown and black people.

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