Friday, September 09, 2005

And the excuse is?

What kind of excuse could there be? They practiced for virtually the same scenario just a year ago, a FEMA representative was there and thought it was helpful, so why the poor response? Why the surprise at the damage? Every day that goes by makes it harder to believe that this is just incompetence. I am sure that there is quite a bit of that, but the extended delay and the type of response might lead one to believe that they saw the opportunity to take advantage and implement some new theories on how to remake America in their image.

HARD TIMES IN BIG EASY / EFFORTS INTENSIFY TO EVACUATE LIVING, RECOVER DEAD / THE SCIENCE / Thousands dead, 1 million evacuated. Katrina? No, a simulation run last year.: "Government officials gathered in Baton Rouge a year ago to deal with a powerful hurricane bearing down on New Orleans.

They faced a nightmare scenario. A flooded city, 1 million evacuees, 60,000 dead -- all the work of Hurricane Pam.

The storm was not real. Staged with the help of a San Francisco company, Pam was a simulation designed to force government agencies to examine -- and possibly rethink -- their disaster plans."

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