Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm not the only one

Email from a friend:


I am writing in opposition to the "Times Select" nuclear option taken by the New York Times.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (with its extraordinary cost of living) on a fixed income. I subscribe to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, my local paper and not the New York Times, because the NYTimes does not provide local coverage for my area.

There is no way that I have an extra $50.00 laying around that I can use for the privilege of reading the NYT Op/Ed pages. Due to economic realities, that money has to be used for food for my body, not food for my brain. I refuse to eat cat food in order to satisfy your corporate bottom line.

I am very disappointed in the NYTimes staff decision to exclude poor people from getting all the news that's fit to print..

I am very disappointed in the NYTimes staff decision to discriminate against those facing economic hardship (such as myself) by depriving me of information directly affecting my ability to be an informed American.

I'll be thinking of the NYTimes when I think of censorship. I'll be thinking of the NYTimes when I think of corporate America's greed.

I'll be thinking of the NYTimes as she once was, not what she has been turned into..

I will no longer log onto the NYTimes web pages. I will not click on any links that link to any NYTimes article.

The NYTimes does not care about poor people getting information. This poor person has chosen to no longer care about the alleged news provided by the NYTimes. Since the NYTimes has sold its soul, there is no reassurance that the news printed is news and not articles being printed for financial benefits for the NYTimes.

In disgust

I second that reaction, but I will keep logging on in case they actually find news that's fit to print.

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  1. Yeah, you're not the only one.

    In my case, in addition to the local fishwrap, I already subscribe to one paper on line - the Asahi Shinbun - for 500 yen (around $5) a month. It's the paper I always subscribed in Japan, and there is no WAY I can afford the paper airmail edition.

    That said, the interesting thing is that the New York Times apparently has some relation with that paper, through their English version or what. I know, because often the electric New York Times prints translations of the editorials that I get in my paper (credited as such).

    Makes me wonder if the Asahi will ever run translations of Krugman or let us electric subscribers reciprocate with the New York Times...

    Luckily, I can usually find a copy of the Times in the recycling bin at the coffeehouse, that will have to suffice for now!