Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just As Charity Begins At Home

So should conservation.

Bush: U.S. ready to release oil from SPR - Sep. 27, 2005: "The president also announced that he had directed federal agencies to encourage employees to monitor their gasoline consumption through carpooling and limiting non-essential travel. He said he hoped that the American public would follow the federal government's lead when it comes to conservation.

'We can all pitch in by using -- by being better conservers of energy,' Bush said. 'People just need to recognize that these storms have caused disruption and that if they're able to maybe not drive on a trip that's not essential, that would be helpful.'"

Does he have any idea how much fuel AF One burns? We have airlines filing bankruptcy (individuals won't be able to use this or anything else as an excuse) because their fuel prices have eaten into what little profits they had. Seven flights to the Gulf Coast to prop up his image and he wants the average American to give up extraneous trips? Sometimes I think the reason he wants us to get to Mars is because he's lonely and it's the only way he will ever have company.

Most cities are cutting back on public transportation because their budgets can't cover all of the other losses. In California people live farther away from their work and the suburbs do not have corner stores with the basics for emergencies. You have to drive everywhere. I was going to get a bicycle for all my short trips, but as my brother pointed out with the way people drive in the area the seven miles roundtrip for milk would be an extremely dangerous proposition. There is no bus or connecting bus to the market. When I lived in Los Angeles I used the bus system quite successfully for many years. I had a flexible schedule and was able to run across intersections for that 30 second window so I didn't have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for the next bus.

If the winter is colder and longer than usual, how many people are going to freeze because they can't afford fuel? When I lived in the lovely hamlet of Kerhonkson, NY we had to pay for our fuel before we received it. If the fuel bill doubles what kinds of choices are people on fixed incomes going to make? Last summer it cost me around $20 to fill up my gas tank, now it costs $37 and I get approximately 35 miles to the gallon. Now every second tank includes a third tank from last year. Can I absorb this rather substantial increase? No, not even remotely. How about the price of food? Headed on the way up to cover the increase in fuel. It is going to get ugly this winter.

For those who enjoy Christmas it is going to be a very lonely year.

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