Thursday, September 01, 2005

Neanderthal or Lucy?

I can't believe this excuse for a human being gets heard, much less paid to spout this bull. She is depriving some worthy person of oxygen and other valuable resources.
Coulter: New York Firefighters aren't really Ne ... [Media Matters]: "On The Radio Factor, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter opined that New York firefighters are 'Americans' not New Yorkers and that citing them as an example of New Yorkers helping out victims of
Hurricane Katrina is like 'citing the Christian Club at Harvard.' In making the claim, Coulter was defending claims she made earlier on the show to guest host Al Rantel that 'I'm waiting to see if New Yorkers will run to support the suffering victims of Katrina,' and that she had doubts because 'New Yorkers don't consider themselves a part of the rest of America.'"

She finds my last nerve and sets it on fire. One of the reasons for not continuing my Time subscription was the article they did on the Wicked Witch of Washington.

And you thought that title was owned by Hillary.

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