Thursday, October 06, 2005

And his planet is?

This is getting really old. They act like we have dirty hair, rinse and repeat.
US News Article | "'We will never back down, never give in and never accept anything less than complete victory,' Bush said in a speech on Washington's war on terrorism.

Bush used new and more specific language in characterizing the opponents as part of an Islamic radical movement 'with a clear and coherent ideology' and territorial ambitions, rather than dismissing them as the terrorist 'evildoers' of his early speeches on the issue."
Followed by this gem:
His remarks were aimed at an increasingly restive American public, which is weary of daily television images of bombings from Iraq and holding funerals for the more than 1,900 Americans killed in Iraq.

"Wars are not won without sacrifice, and this war will require more sacrifice, more time, and more resolve. The terrorists are as brutal an enemy as we have ever faced," he said.
Sacrifice? I've been sacrificing every day for five years. there is nothing left to sacrifice. All I have left is my integrity, something that is in short supply in Washington, and I'm not giving that up. If the rich sacrificed one vacation per year it would have more impact than the poor and soon to be poor (middle class) moving from hamburger to no burger.

Or heat.


  1. Sacrifice: Something the poor and middle-class do every single day.

    The rich folks don't send their children off to war. The politicians don't send their children off to war. They're the ones who benefit. Maybe they should just start sending their own damn kids.


  2. Operation Yellow Elephant is doing it's best. As soon as I figure out how to start adding stuff to my template I will be a flaq waving supporter.

    I'm a veteran and I'm offended by what people think is supporting our troops. Lowering the requirements will only encourage people at the lower end of the spectrum to join, so they think. Unfortunately television keeps showing what happens when a bullet or bomb contacts your body and it doesn't require a whole lot to understand you might not want to enter that situation voluntarily.