Monday, October 24, 2005

Design Improvements?

Unlike the Space Shuttle, which can and should be redesigned, condom shape is predetermined. Although there are similarities in the basic design structure, length and circumference seem to vary widely per individual user. That doesn't leave much room for change in either design or function. News | Rubber match: "'Never say never!' Steiner says. 'We are disappointed by the current findings. But for the time being, we think money is definitely best spent on ensuring access to condoms and appropriate counseling. But we remain optimistic that design improvements in the future could lead to increased condom use.' "
Where the rubber meets the road could probably use a little improvement, such as a package that opens easily under stress, fits around the instrument like a glove, enhances male pheromones, stimulates user and partner (microbeads floating along the shaft?), never breaks, package and used product are disposable without a trace.

Now those would be design improvements, at least from an older woman's point of view. A 35 year old man has different wants and needs than a 25 year old which might explain the problem the disparity in the condom studies.

Still, this must be one of the funnier cases the court reporter has had to record. Probably relieves a lot of stress for the the people watching.

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