Thursday, October 27, 2005

Doggie Play Dates

I'm waitng for Shai's friend Jack to come over for a play date and bump into this article. San Jose is not the friendliest place for dogs, but these sound like great ideas.
Can Rover come over? - Pet Health - "There’s even a big screen TV and, yes, the dogs are allowed on the couches.

“The focus is on owners spending time and working with their dogs, not dropping them off so someone else can play with them,” says owner Loralei Zwitt. “Besides being fun for the dogs, it is a great way for people to connect.'

The facility also has a custom-built agility course catering to all dogs, including seniors, giants, toys, and less athletic dogs.

“We are looking at adding some fitness programs which would include a lap pool, treadmills, even doga classes (doggy yoga),' says Zwitt. 'And we are talking about adding some human equipment so that owners can work out while their dogs work out, too.”"
Right up until I got to the part about doga classes and realize Shai isn't doing that. She's more the let me receive your love and affection kind of dog.

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