Sunday, October 16, 2005

Etan Thomas's Field Trip

I opened my mailbox at 6 am and found this from a friend and occaisional reader. I read it, tracked down a link and here is a taste for your intellectual stimulation. Follow the link for the rest, he is quite well spoken, and correct in his assessment of the situation.
AlterNet: Etan Thomas's Field Trip For Conservatives: "I'd show them working families that make too much to receive welfare but not enough to make ends meet. I'd employ them with jobs with little security, let them know how it feels to be an employee at will, able to be fired at the drop of a hat. I'd take away their opportunities, then try their children as adults, sending their 13-year-old babies to life in prison. I'd sell them dreams of hopelessness while spoon-feeding their young with a daily dose of inferior education. I'd tell them no child shall be left behind, then take more money out of their schools, tell them to show and prove themselves on standardized exams testing their knowledge on things that they haven't been taught, and then I'd call them inferior."
Unfortunately, this won't be enough to change society, but if even one or two people can see behind the veil, it counts in the win column. The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.

Step up.

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