Tuesday, October 25, 2005

He Can Believe All He Wants

but that won't change reality.
Measure Would Alter Federal Death Penalty System: "Carter spokeswoman Gretchen Hamel said the proposals are important because 'the congressman believes capital punishment is a deterrent for all kinds of crimes, including terrorism.'
What part of suicide bomber does he not understand? Somehow I don't think the threat of being put to death if caught will deter today's terrorist. McVeigh seemed in a major hurry to embrace death, and the type of terrorist most people are thinking of, considers dying in service to the cause as an honor.
Under the proposals, 41 crimes would be added to the 20 terrorism-related offenses now eligible for the federal death penalty. Prosecutors would also find it easier to impose a death sentence in cases in which the defendant did not have the intent to kill.
Not enough people would be eligible using the current criteria so let's just change the definition.
In one example cited by Human Rights Watch, 'an individual could be sentenced to death for providing financial support to an organization whose members caused the death of another, even if this individual did not know or in any way intend that the members engage in acts of violence.'
But critics are most concerned about procedural changes related to juries, including a provision that would allow a trial with fewer than 12 jurors if the court finds 'good cause,' with or without the agreement of the defense."
Behind closed doors maybe?

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