Sunday, October 16, 2005

I can't believe it is taking this long.

Oregon is looking better and better.
Biggest Wi-Fi Cloud Is in Rural Oregon - Yahoo! News: "Hundreds of cities from San Francisco to Philadelphia have announced plans to throw a wireless tarp over their communities, and a few smaller ones such as Chaska, Minn., have succeeded. But only Ziari appears to have pinned down such a large area.

The wireless network uses both short-range Wi-Fi signals and a version of a related, longer-range technology known as WiMax. While Wi-Fi and WiMax antennas typically connect with the Internet over a physical cable, the transmitters in this network act as wireless relay points, passing the signal along through a technique known as 'meshing.'

Ziara's company built the towers to match the topography. They are as close as a quarter-of-a-mile apart inside towns like Hermiston, and as far apart as several miles in the high-desert wilderness.

Asked why other municipalities have had a harder time succeeding, he replies: 'Politics.'

'If we get a go-ahead, we can do a fairly good-sized city in a month or two,' said Ziari. 'The problem is getting the go-ahead.'"

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