Saturday, October 08, 2005

I got into a heated discussion

with a few representatives of the opposite side.

This is the link.

I really didn't expect to start WWIII. Then they started name calling. What's up with that? Fascinating exchanges actually since they never answer my questions, just keep up with the personal attacks. Oh well, what can you expect from the followers of clueless leader?

I guess I'll just check in when he posts recipes. I actually like 95% of his point of view, this time we just differ and it is getting ugly. One of them even thinks I'm disconnected with reality.

My latest response:

I care, just about American lives first. Also, the bad numbers just keep increasing don't they?

Our solutions have not helped their overall quality of life and if you are a woman you have been reduced to little more than a disposable floormop. Jumping from a frying pan into a fire, or throwing gasoline on an open flame have never been known to turn out well. What we are currently doing is not working. It is not a sign of shame or weakness to step back and look for an alternate route out for us and them, but it is a sign of insanity if you keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. What you seem to have forgotten is that it was a sovereign country before we got there and made it our problem. They had no weapons of mass destruction, they had nothing to do with 9/11 and they weren't homeschooling terrorists. What the leader of their country does is their problem and always has been. For wacko dictators that pose a threat I nominate Kim Jong Il. We had no business invading their country for whatever reason we are using this week and creating a modern day version of the Hydra. That country is breaking up, just like the Baltics, and they do not want us there.

A good proportion of our troops are National Guard and Reserves who have pulled more than one tour of duty. When does their work get to be considered the equal of the regular military? When do they get to come home to their lives? When do they get to quit dying in a country that has recently been advised to start executing with bullets instead of beheadings to avoid alienating the potential population base? You want to spend more American lives in a foreign shooting gallery and you call me morally bankrupt?

I think not. And yes, I do think. Frequently. And I read other points of view hoping that I will learn something new. I'm tired of hatred, I'm tired of namecalling, I'm tired of it always being an either or situation.

If the winter is as cold as they keep babbling about we are going to have more serious problems here in the USA. Can we please take care of us? Kindness and charity begin at home. Let's start tomorrow.

Now I bet they start trolling my site.



  1. Just goes to show, you can't argue with wingnuts. To do so, you are immediately labeled a self-loathing liberal and a Bush-hater.

    (While I DO hate Bush, I happen to fancy myself quite a bit!)

    I'm betting the "democracy" they have in Iraq isn't as important to the average Iraqi as getting some electricity, running water, or not getting blown up while looking for a job or shopping at the market.


  2. Thanks for the support you guys. Up until I posted my comment I had not really seen anything that negative on his site. I guess I will only post on the vehemently liberal blogs. The other side wants to hand me my head, but I like it just where it is. On top of my body looking out, not hiding in the nether regions trying to smell my way through the world.