Sunday, October 30, 2005

I miss KSJO

I haven't recovered from losing KSJO even though they play hard rock on KFOX and KSAN. I prefer to flip through several stations.
Print Story: As Stern splits, big markets lose rock radio on Yahoo! News: "To soften the blow of Stern's December 16 exit from terrestrial radio, Infinity has changed the format of some of the 27 stations that carry him. Of the 12 rock stations that featured Stern in the morning, three are flipping to talk or the Jack format, which uses no DJs and a random, classic-rock-oriented playlist. Such flips in Sacramento, Calif., and Philadelphia mean one less new-rock station. But in New York, come January 3, Arbitron's top-rated market will not have a station playing current rock hits.

Infinity launched a talk-based 'Free FM' format October 25 on eight stations. The personality-driven programming will feature former Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth and comedian Adam Carolla, among others, as syndicated replacements for Stern in morning drive.

'What Infinity is signaling is that a combination of celebrity talk and comedy appeals to its target market more than music in general and rock in particular,' says Barry Sosnick, consultant and president of 'When you have Infinity, a major player in broadcasting, indicating that music isn't a powerful draw for listeners, (that is) the most frightening implication.'"
One of the reasons I like KFOG is because the morning show is intelligent, current and plays great music frequently. As somoeone pointed out it is like having coffee with your friends you just can't talk back. Dave Morey has been doing the morning show for over 20 years and he never goes off on rants. A nice liberal station without beating you over the head with it. The rest of the day and night are music dominated and user driven.

Pretty soon everything will be the same, no new input. No wonder nobody is trying anymore. Thanks goodness reality tv seems to be dying.

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