Sunday, October 16, 2005

I think I'll make this for dinner

right after I get the money to declare bankruptcy.
Truly, madly moonstruck - Los Angeles Times: "At Craftsteak in the MGM Grand hotel, 'We are absolutely selling a ton of [it],' says executive chef Christopher Albrecht. He means that literally: Albrecht says Craftsteak sells about 500 pounds of wagyu a week, a ton a month.

In addition to the regular wagyu, Craftsteak is one of only a handful of restaurants in the United States that gets a kind of super-wagyu that is raised in Australia by Snake River Ranch, a sister company of Snake River Farms. This is the stuff that scores at the very top of the marbling charts. Look at a piece of this beef and it almost looks like there is more marbling than meat.

You pay for the luxury: This so-called 'platinum' beef costs $20 an ounce with a 4-ounce minimum — twice as much as the same cut from regular wagyu.

Besides Craftsteak, this meat is available only at the Montage restaurant in Laguna Beach, the new Yakiniku Toraji in Hawaii and at Thomas Keller's restaurants, the French Laundry in Yountville and Per Se in New York."

Now, I normally only eat about a 4 oz steak, but that is just a little out of my price range. I wouldn't be able to afford the lobster, baked potato, appetizer or dessert.

I actually just want one of the massages the cow gets, I've been blogging(7) all day and my neck is killing me.

The real dinner menu is Rosemary(from my little shrub) Roasted Chicken, Golden Mashed Potatos and Garlic Steamed Spinach. There will be homemade giblet gravy. If I had buttermilk I would make these killer biscuits that share one stick of butter for four biscuits. They are sooo good.

I love Sunday dinner. It's for the lips but ends up on the hips. Hard to believe I lost 40 pounds this year, but I did it.

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