Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If Cheney is Agnewed

with very little left of the Republican party that isn't under indictment or being threatened with one, what happens to the order of succession? Most of the top players are contaminated in one way or another. When Cheney resigns, and he will have to if the direction of the news is any indicator, exactly who do you think will get nominated as the replacement VP? And if history is any indicator, our third unelected Republican president.

If you think that the Miers thing is getting sloppy, selecting a new VP should pretty much destroy politics as it is currently practiced. While I may be chilling a bottle of champagne because the evil people just might get their comeuppance, this will have serious impact on our national identity. Not that ours is so great right now, but if you think those of us on the left (the typo) have been angry, the part of America that is just beginning to realize that it has been massively hoodwinked, will make itself known.

They recalled a governor in California for a lot less and eventually most Americans will wonder exactly why a blow job had to be investigated for years but treason that has led to thousands of Americans being killed and injured, another sovereign nation brought to the brink of civil war as we deny killing their civilians, the utter incompetence of the Administration when it came to helping a city populated with Americans of color in a time of need and topped off by the fact that they are now having to pay for gas and heating fuel instead of food or their bills, and you have either a smoldering volcano ready to blow or a nation that is willing to take the Prozac in the water and is asking for Ambien until it is over.

We live in interesting times.

I updated this because of a typo, it was originally posted yesterday morning.

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