Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Bullet stoppers, they just want bullet stoppers and they don't care how they get them.

Airmen Fill the Gaps in Wartime - Los Angeles Times: "Reeling from a shortage of personnel specializing in military intelligence as well as from abuse scandals in the treatment and interrogation of detainees, the military is in the midst of a major overhaul to deal with the issue. In the next five years, the Pentagon plans to add 9,000 military intelligence personnel, including more than 3,000 new interrogators.

'The demand side is that there are people being put into the system that need to have folks talk to them,' said Col. Steven Pennington, commander of the Air Force Operations Group. 'I don't think any of us thought there would be this amount of demand.'

The first Air Force interrogation teams were deployed to Afghanistan this year. Most belonged to the Air Force's internal investigative service, had experience questioning suspects and didn't require additional training. But subsequent Air Force interrogation teams, drawn from an array of unrelated jobs, are undergoing 16-week interrogation courses at the Army's intelligence academy at Ft. Huachuca, Ariz.

'They are not necessarily operating too far outside their basic skill set, but they are operating in an environment they're not normally trained to operate in,' said Maj. Brenda Campbell, an Air Force spokeswoman."

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