Friday, October 14, 2005

She might have issues

but I certainly don't. I actually enjoy both points of view and look forward to the alternating scenario.
Cop Out - Law & Order: Criminal Intent subs in the pinch-hitting team. By Dana Stevens: "I like both actors (though, unlike D'Onofrio's legions of swooning female fans, I'd rather spend an evening with the laid-back Logan than the overwrought, soul-searching Goren). But it's hard to imagine the same audience switching faithfully back and forth, each Sunday night, between what are essentially two completely different shows. It seems more likely that L&O fans from the glory days of Mike Logan and Lennie Briscoe (may he rest in peace) will tune to CI, perhaps for the first time, to watch Noth, while diehard D'Onofrio junkies will boycott the Logan episodes and hold out for their hero. As for Annabella Sciorra, she was brilliant as the needy Mercedes saleswoman who trapped Tony into a Fatal Attraction-esque affair in Season 3 of The Sopranos. But she's colorless in this Sunday's episode of CI; her line readings sound flat, and her chemistry with Noth is curiously off. Maybe she just needs time to adjust to the rigors of the Dick Wolf 'brand.'"
It would have been more interesting watching Kathryn Erbe (Eames) flitting back and forth between the two characters, but I will take what I can get just to see D'Onofrio and Noth strut their stuff.

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