Sunday, November 13, 2005

America, Land of the Free

Truth, justice and the American Way, as long as you
Detainees Deserve Court Trials: "Adel is innocent. I don't mean he claims to be. I mean the military says so. It held a secret tribunal and ruled that he is not al Qaeda, not Taliban, not a terrorist. The whole thing was a mistake: The Pentagon paid $5,000 to a bounty hunter, and it got taken.

The military people reached this conclusion, and they wrote it down on a memo, and then they classified the memo and Adel went from the hearing room back to his prison cell. He is a prisoner today, eight months later. And these facts would still be a secret but for one thing: habeas corpus.

Only habeas corpus got Adel a chance to tell a federal judge what had happened. Only habeas corpus revealed that it wasn't just Adel who was innocent -- it was Abu Bakker and Ahmet and Ayoub and Zakerjain and Sadiq -- all Guantanamo 'terrorists' whom the military has found innocent."
Not important. They shouldn't have been born where they were. We must protect ourselves against those brown non Christian jihadists. They are all guilty because they won't convert and accept the US as their savior.

Or something stupid like that.

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