Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Extreme Makeover: The State Edition

Now that's a mandate. From the people. Eight for eight. 8 for 8. Roll that in your cigar and smoke it!

All eight statewide ballot measures on Tuesday's ballot have gone down in defeat.

The two closest measures were Proposition 73, which would have required doctors to notify the parents of a teen seeking an abortion, and Proposition 75, a hard-fought initiative backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that would have required employee consent for political use of union dues."
Hubris made some people forget that more people voted to keep Gray Davis, than voted for Arnold to be governor. Can we get to work now or is he going to join Jesse Ventura in obscurity?

This is our second stupid election in as many years. It is all about the power and trying to consolidate it in ways that Californians obviously don't want. Can we please stop spending money that this state doesn't have? Please?

Or at least spend it on something that actually helps people, not just raise their blood pressure.

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