Friday, November 04, 2005

A Good Cause

I always wanted to play the drums. Girls didn't do rock and roll according to my dad so I ended up playing the clarinet for a year. Very badly. I can't tell you how bad. It helped to contribute to the feeling that I had no rhythym. Life | Broadsheet: "Now, as a result of the camp's insane popularity, it's still going strong, and has even inspired a spinoff, Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Willie Mae Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls. Girls from all over the country -- even the world -- apply to these camps, hoping to secure one of the limited, coveted opportunities to learn how to play an instrument, to bond over music with other girls and to jam in a supportive environment. In an effort to keep the weeklong camp affordable -- and open to as many girls as possible -- organizers keep tuition fees low (Portland's camp is $300, while Brooklyn's works on a sliding scale); both camps also offer a limited number of scholarships.

As the RnRC4G and Willie Mae grow, they need our help, and there are a handful of different ways to pitch in. (Each camp has its individual needs; just check the Web sites.) Musical instruments are most needed (you know you haven't picked up that old Ovation acoustic in a while, and what about your partner's Peavey amp?), but you can also donate CDs to the camps' libraries. Of course, giving money is always an efficient and effective way to show support, too. The Girls Rock Institute, a spinoff of RnRC4G that runs through the year, is trying to raise $10,000 before the end of 2005."
If this appeals to anyone and you aren't too stressed to help before the holidays, there is a whole generation of young women who could use the encouragement.

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