Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Wonder If Mine Is Considered Attractive?

As if I would care but who came up with this bright idea? Reparative surgery I can understand, resculpting for looks is ridiculous.
Salon.com Life | Broadsheet: "Apparently, in addition to all the empowering happening while you have your vagina tailored, you can also go for 'designer laser vaginoplasty,' invented for the 'many women [who] suffer silently because they are not pleased with their vaginal areas ... This trademarked procedure enables Dr. Jason to resculpt the vulvar structures, the labia lips to meet the aesthetics desires of the individual patient.'

In the press release, Dr. Jason proclaims: 'We are dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge and the choice to rejuvenate and amplify their sexual experiences.'

Nothing empowers women more than making them feel as though yet another part of their body needs to be ripped apart by a team of surgeons in order to pass muster."
Somehow I don't think that vaginal envy will take off in the female population. Vaginas aren't like breasts, everybody can't see it (hopefully!). Why not reshape the penis instead? Some guys could use a little dulling of sensation. Hoohah!.

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