Friday, November 18, 2005

If You Want It Done Right

And don't want to hurt someone's feelings
ABC News: Are Women Ready for the 'Stud Farm'?: "But Berman said there could be a number of reasons for women to visit a male prostitute. 'To say it's just going to be women desperate for sex will not be the whole story,' she said.

Berman said the 'stud farm' could appeal to women who want a taste of sexual adventure and experimentation, or even to try to reach orgasm, without the pressure of pleasing a regular partner.

Ulku, a 40-year-old woman originally from Turkey, said she believes women who are 'not satisfied in their relationship,' would visit male prostitutes, precisely because it would be anonymous and far removed from their regular lives.

Destination Sex

Fleiss told the Los Angeles Times she wanted to revamp the Cherry Patch Ranch's Western theme into a more 'Hollywood' look. Berman said that ambience and atmosphere would be very important for many women — while men, she said, 'are more interested in the woman they're with.'

Perhaps the stud farm could become the new place for bachelorette — or even divorce — parties for women. 'I could see this as a destination for women to go to together,' Berman said.

Berman suggested that Fleiss should offer a variety of spa-like services, not just straight sex. 'Like a massage service that could go further if the woman wanted,' Berman said.

But a number of people — both men and women — still question the marketability of male prostitution, saying that women simply don't have to pay for sex — they could have it pretty much anytime they want for free.

Ann Shillinglaw, a 46-year-old single woman from California, told ABC News via e-mail: 'I would never need to visit a male prostitution place because there are SO MANY men my own age and younger who are willing and able to have sex with a woman at the drop of a hat. I know several guys I could call for sex any time I was free. …No need to ever pay for this."
Umm yes, there is. If the guy is already a friend you have decided he wasn't that attractive to begin with. Trolloping around in my own neighborhood would not be my idea of healthy friendship. Every once in a while a woman might want to fulfill a fantasy (jaw dropping good looks and it isn't all about him!) with her only responsibility being to enjoy herself and it is her partner who has to perform no matter what the circumstances.

Broadsheet has a pretty good discussion going on the subject with some great letters, one of which helped me to crystallize my feelings. Because you can get what you want, how you want it, pick who you want it from and then go away. Not have to deal with anything but what you came for.


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