Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm Waiting

Until they are sure I won't have to wear glasses ever again. I have worn them since I was 4, tried contacts but had to wear sunglasses all the time, just couldn't see the point.
Getting rid of glasses for good - Los Angeles Times: "
However, future options for aging eyes are likely to be an improvement on monovision. For example, research is underway on a new laser software program that will correct presbyopia in both eyes.

'We're very close to a way to program the laser so that our patients over 40 will be in focus at all distances with each eye: book distance, computer distance and infinity,' she said. 'My guess is that this laser software will be approved in the U.S. within three years.'

Another rapidly evolving area of corrective eye surgery involves intraocular lens implants. Cataract patients who have a lens replaced have a growing number of options, including a lens that focuses for both distance and near vision.

Once that technology catches on among cataract patients, it's likely to spread to older Americans who may be starting to develop a cataract but who also want to jettison their reading glasses, McDonald said."
My face would feel weird without glasses and the world wouldn't have a frame around it.

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