Monday, November 21, 2005

The New Missing Blonde Woman

Anything going on in the world that I missed while out trying to make living? - Nike CEO praises pilots for safe landing - Nov 21, 2005: "TV footage showed the right main wheel only about one-quarter extended, apparently blocked by the wheel door. The gear was back to normal when the plane finally landed.

Allen Kenitzer, an FAA spokesman, said the plane crew took steps to burn off fuel and talked with the Gulfstream company to get advice on freeing the landing gear.

'The pilot is the ultimate authority in determining what to do with that airplane,' Kenitzer said.

The airplane made low passes over the Hillsboro runway, briefly touching the runway with the extended left landing gear and then lifting off again, apparently to jostle the other wheel down, said Connie King, spokeswoman for the Hillsboro Fire Department."
Accoding to a pilot who reads this blog, this is a common occurence and nothing to get excited about, but the MSM needs a distraction story from the real news.

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