Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh My Gosh

First of all, as a doctor doesn't Bill Frist know that standing in a corner and holding your breath will make you turn red in the face, but your body will make you take a breath sometime? I worry about his medical skills. He is hot tempered, prone to diagnose with very little evidence and frequently wrong. Terri Schiavo springs to mind. He definitely exhibits the "God" tendencies of being a cardiologist, ala Mandy Patinkin in Chicago Hope, I can do no wrong I save people's lives.
Mad About You: "The Senate follows a strict script, written by the majority leader himself, who decides what legislation will be debated and who will speak when. But yesterday, using the arcane provisions of Standing Rule 21 for the first time in 25 years, the minority party seized the agenda and forced the chamber to close its doors until Republicans agreed to a probe of how the administration handled prewar Iraq intelligence."
Important for the American people to be informed. They deserve to know how badly they have been manipulated.
"It was a cheap trick -- and it worked brilliantly. Reporters dropped their stories about Alito and covered the melee in the Senate. CNN titled the episode "Congress in Crisis." MSNBC displayed a live shot of a mostly empty hallway outside the Senate chamber and a clock showing elapsed time since the Senate went into closed session."
Poor widdle babies. I'm sorry I missed it.
"Frist, after his opening tirade, yielded the microphones to colleagues -- but then returned to denounce Reid a second time. Frist excused himself, saying: "I've got to go figure out what we need to do."

Through the glass door to the chamber, Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) could be seen sitting in the presiding officer's chair, looking puzzled. Reid could be seen sharing a laugh with two colleagues.

As lawmakers raced between the chamber and Frist's office, reporters surrounded Frist chief of staff Eric Ueland. "It was a nonstop rant to build up to a political stunt!" Ueland said of Reid. As he leveled these charges, Ueland turned in a 360-degree circle so that all the journalists could hear him.

"You're spinning!" one of the reporters observed."
And not for the first or last time I'm sure.


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