Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The People Are Speaking

And unlike politicians it is not with forked tongue.
LA Weekly: News: The Defeat Expands: "And they were all wrong. As the count proceeded this past weekend, the percentage of California voters who cast ballots was up to 47.3 percent. When the count’s all done — the county registrars have to wrap it up by December 8 — that figure may be close to 48 percent, 11 points higher than each of the two preceding specials.

And the numbers are even more remarkable when broken down by county. As of this past Sunday, turnout in heavily Republican Orange County (which supported Arnold’s measures at a rate higher than any other county in the state) stood at 43 percent, while in Democratic L.A. County, it was 45.4 percent. I cannot recall an election — much less a low-turnout special election such as this one — in which the voting rate in whiter, richer Orange County was lower than that in more polyglot and working-class L.A., but this time around, it surely was."
Imagine that. Voter participation was up in a special election, mainly because the people were so angry, and the absentee ballot option is definitely catching on. Quit wasting our time and our money.

Thanks Skippy.

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