Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rebuilding New Orleans

I watched 60 Minutes last night and looking at New Orleans from 60 feet up definitely put things into perspective. They had on this guy who was talking about how in 90 years New Orleans would be an island and underwater. He's more than likely right but it will probably happen several years sooner.

Should New Orleans be rebuilt? Yes. Absolutely. It was settled for a reason and just because we have used and abused the land is no reason to abandon a city so unique that it didn't have to be on either of the two coasts. In a few years most of Florida will be underwater as well as several islands such as the Maldives. Knowing that this is part of our future, shouldn't we plan for it? Levees, stilts and canals are short term solutions and not very forward thinking.

Let's think outside the box. How about rebuilding New Orleans to be the world's first underwater city? Prepare for the future and embrace it instead of grumbling about the way it used to be and claiming that the sky is falling. We are Americans and we need a national goal. Something besides waging war on technologically inferior but emotionally charged combatants. We are at our best when challenged to do better, to perform not to retaliate.

Imagine, sitting in the French quarter drinking a beverage, listening to great music as you watched the local sea life float by. Sounds better than toxic sewage and bringing in land from some other area that probably needs it.

Maybe Ellen DeGeneres could reprise her role in support of my idea. Some people don't want to go to the stars (I do!) they want to explore the ocean. Here is our chance and in keeping with the American credo it could actually make money!

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