Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shouldn't You Ask A Scientist?

And not a bureaucrat before you decide what is science and what is whimsy? Oh that's right, all the scientists left or were forced out. These are the results.
EPA to Scale Back Testing at Ground Zero: "The fires at Ground Zero burned for three months, and western Brooklyn sat directly within the smoke-and-dust plume from the World Trade Center. But EPA officials said that their tests have not been able to distinguish between World Trade Center contamination and the dust and detritus of normal urban life.

'We would prefer to go further, but the science won't let us,' said E. Timothy Oppelt, an EPA official who has chaired an expert technical review panel intended to guide the testing. 'We can't be whimsical.'

The EPA also announced Tuesday that it is shutting down Oppelt's review panel -- which includes toxicologists, doctors, environmentalists and residents. The committee was supposed to meet monthly but has not convened since July.

The panel will hold a final meeting in December, and that meeting will be shorter than usual."
Oh why bother. They aren't going to do anything anyway, why don't they just cut the crap, say they don't care and tell us to suck it up. Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a democracy (republic).

Critical thinking isn't a strong point of this administration.

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