Thursday, November 03, 2005

Something Different

As funny as this may seem, I actually feel sorry for this guy. This is a huge financial blow, one that will be difficult to recover from.
$75,000 in Bull Semen Is Stolen From Frederick Farm: "It took Fleming years to build up his stock of bull semen, which he had planned to sell in January at a cattle show in Denver, Jenkins said. Frozen bull semen is big business because it saves on the transportation cost of putting a bull and a cow into the same pen to breed. Frozen semen can also last for many years, outliving the bull who produced it.

Nonetheless, collecting and keeping the semen can be a challenge. Bulls, for all their reputation for virility, are notoriously finicky about breeding. Their sperm counts are generally low; moreover, it is difficult to collect samples from a bull.

Semen is put in a 4 1/2 - to 5-inch long straw and labeled with the name of its sire."
No visuals allowed.

Like that would stop you.

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