Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stomach to Rumsfeld

A hunger strike is not a "diet". It is not a "fast". It is not because they are "overweight". It is because it is the only way you can commit suicide without tools.
The Seattle Times: Nation & World: U.S. denies U.N. group access to detainees: "The military said Tuesday 27 detainees currently were engaging in the hunger strike, including 24 receiving forced-feedings. Detainees' lawyers estimated that about 200 are taking part.

Asked about the motivation of the hunger strikers, Rumsfeld said, 'Well, I suppose that what they're trying to do is to capture press attention, obviously, and they've succeeded.'

He added, 'There are a number of people who go on a diet where they don't eat for a period and then go off of it at some point. And then they rotate and other people do that.'"
Attention? I'll bet they want attention. Four years, no trial, no loved ones, no charges, no way out.

That crooked little finger of his reveals as much about his thinking as his moving lips.

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