Sunday, November 06, 2005


Wow! Either the truth hurts, or the truth will set you free.
Enemy of the State: "
Not insolvable poverty, not poverty that can't be helped, not I can't afford a big screen TV poverty, but deliberate, conscious, poverty, hopeless and desperate, caused not by failures of crops or weather, disease and unpreventable famine, all those ancient demons have been virtually eliminated by science and technology, and Greed, the One True Devil, now reigns unchallenged by his erstwhile obliging helpers.

Not one human being goes to bed hungry in the world today save for the conscious decision of another human being that it should be so, wealthy nations have the capacity to produce and deliver medicine, food, seeds, to anyone anywhere who lacks them, but prefer not to do so.

The affluent routinely spend more money on adornments and recreational pursuits than the poor earn in a year, in many cases, in their whole lives.

An ever-increasing percentage of the world's resources are held in an ever-decreasing number of hands, with the result that worldwide, about half of the children born on earth are slaves of one kind or another, and in the richest nation on this planet, a child born in poverty has about the same chance of 'getting ahead' as he does of winning the lottery."
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