Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Allrighty Then

Reverend Billy and I are going round and round about a post I did earlier today regarding an elective procedure. He feels we could slide into a police state by forcing doctors to do "elective" surgery against their will. My stance is that you swore an oath to help people, not to pick and choose which ones. Medical help should not have boundaries based on sexual orientation, religion or any other personal issue. If you take the skin off of a person, we are the same and should be treated as such by the medical establishment. No ifs, ands or babies. These are my responses.
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most of your post i agree with 100 percent, the only part i question is that fertilization is an optional not a life saving procedure. how this affects your post, i am not sure. we do need to elevate our thoughts, do we need to ask people to violate their religious principles? you know i have family members who are gay, and you know i cannot stand the bias which they face every day. but really, can we rightly ask a doctor to perform an elective procedure, against his will. i mean dammit i want a boob job or you are evil? l really want to hear you thoughts on this, and surely there are clinics that will perform this procedure.
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Find another profession if you can't see people as people and that they are equally entitled to the medical care that other people receive. That tired excuse was used for years not to treat black people in a white hospital. You are suppposed to be there to help people, all people,not just the ones you like.

11 months of taking money and then not doing the job is usually considered fraud.

Medical is medical, these are not rides at Disneyland where you have to meet height requirements. When you enter the medical profession you are to leave your crap at the door and see the human body without the skin or sexuality. So some people should be allowed to have babies and because I don't approve of your lifestyle I have the right to deny you what I will do for others?

I had to have major surgery years ago that my doctor informed me that since I was black they normally just did a hysterectomy but since I hadn't had children they would do their best to avoid it. You are advocating segregation. If you are a cop and don't believe in homosexuality and you see a person you think might be gay who is being assaulted do you turn your back? When you take a job serving the public, that is the public, not just the ones you like or approve of. Keep your personal crap at home.

We are starting down a slippery slope and eventually one of us will be on the receiving end of this type of behavior and it will have a whole new meaning for us. Until then empathy is important.

The only reason someone should be in the medical profession is because you want to help people, you should not be able to differentiate between what kind of people. We are all humans. What is offered to one should be offered to all. No exceptions. If you have a moral or religious issue with a patient that should be determined as soon as you know and the patient should be informed IMMEDIATELY so they can find another physician. You actually are supposed to help them find a physician that will be more compatible. Not only is this ethical but it is considerate of the other person as a human being. If you are incapable of performing these functions, you should find another line of work, preferably one that doesn't have contact or influence on the public. Period. I have been on both ends of this issue. As a practitioner I have moved the patient on because I could not give them my best. My doctor is an absolute jackass who gives me no respect and I'm stuck with him for insurance reasons. I do not feel as if I am receiving good care. He knows how I feel and is more dismissive of me each time we meet. He should do the ethical thing and pass me on, but he won't.

Going to a doctor is like using a lawyer or a priest. The trust has to be impeccable or sacred, if you will. A doctor sees you when you are at your lowest or headed in that direction. What you refer to as an elective procedure in this day and age, is not. I wouldn't let a plastic surgeon who didn't like me operate on me, are you nuts? He has a knife.

Currently pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions due to their religious beliefs, something that should be checked at the door. When you CHOOSE to become a medical professional you already know who you are and what your buttons are and you realize that these kinds of decisions will be in your future. It can't possibly have been the first time they had to deal with a lesbian. I personally do not approve of fundamentalism, in any form. That is my crap and it is not a reason for me not to treat the PERSON. If we can't learn to separate human beings from issues, we will never progress as a species.

There is no compromise on this issue. Medicine is not doled out according to your beliefs, it is a science and should be held to the same rigorous rules and regulations. If it is "elective" surgery then maybe it isn't really medicine.

The police may have blue flu occaisionally, but they are not allowed to strike and have the common sense and decency to do their jobs, even when they disagree. Medicine is no different."
Not that I have any feelings on the issue.

Having experienced more than a little share of subtle and not so subtle discrimination I will admit to being sensitive on the subject. What some people call religious reasons, I call bigotry and the medical profession should be held to a higher standard. Doctors have already been proven to suffer from judgemental behaviors when dealing with certain types of people. Most people don't know this, but a lot of doctors absolutely abhor fat or obese people, have no sympathy or empathy and treat accordingly. I took some of the same tests, was not happy with my results and am actively working on my attitude and perceptions to be less judgemental when I look at people. And I should know better since I am a walking advertisement of the things most people use to form their hidden (even to their conscious selves) prejudices about whether a person is worth approaching or listening to.

I percieve one of two reactions from people upon first meeting. I like this one because people from all over the world have come up and ask me stuff, weird stuff. I finally got curious when I was in another country and a native came up and asked me for directions. I asked him "why me" and he said "because I looked like I would know". And I did.

The second one I am not so fond of, especially when my doctor did it to me. I am female. As much as the world has changed in my lifetime, it hasn't changed enough. Nuff said on that subject. I am brown. It's not going to change and quite a few people spend a fair amount of time trying to get my exact shade, I'm proud of my skin color, get over it. I am short, 5'1" with a very young face, which tends to make people dismiss me as not fully developed or adult. I am. I have big tits, close to gazongas and the homegrown kind, not store bought.. Ooh, so what? They are a pain in the neck and have a tendency to make people think I have a very active sex life. Like slut active.

My doctor, no matter what my symptoms believes I am prediabetic because of my heritage. I said what heritage? My dad wasn't diabetic and my mom is white and she isn't diabetic either. Nobody in my family has ever been diabetic. I go to see him the next time, I was having numbness in both hands, prediabetes was his diagnosis, blood sugar was 89 so he conveniently dismissed me and told me to come back in six months. I asked about a breast reduction, he said to lose weight and they would go away. I lost 40 lbs and changed less than a cup and still was having problems. He says I'm muscular enough, that it is elective surgery and I just have to work out more.

He has obviously never taken a physics class or he would understand that gravity works and the longer this goes on the more damage to my neck there will be. What he considers to be elective, I consider to be medically necessary. The slippery slope when it comes to medicine is that you are going to encounter people throughout your practice that you don't like, don't agree with and wouldn't break bread with, tough catooties. Deal with it, there are plenty of people who feel the same way about me, we try not to associate.

Let's just jump to an extreme example. Anybody who knows me personally can tell you that I do not have positive feelings or thoughts about this administration. My branch of the medical world is not considered to be worthy in an a trauma situation (and compared to western in this regard they are completely right) but if by some unforeseen circumstance the dark lord was to end up in front of me needing medical assistance no one would fault me for not helping. It would be my option, totally elective, if you will to try and help. Would I help? Unfortunately, yes. I would be in there so fast, without thinking, because he is still a human being, hard as it is to believe, and is deserving of my best effort.

I believe that once you decide to start practicing medicine you are obligated to help EVERYONE, regardless of your beliefs, as long as it doesn't involve the taking of a life. Abortion not included. You aren't going to like this but I don't consider it a baby until it starts moving, you should have done something earlier, like birth control, but I do understand that accidents happen. All kinds of accidents, but those decisions should be made by the 12th week. After movement, unless it is for the life and/or health of the mother or the the lack of viability of the fetus to enjoy a good quality of life, I have many qualms.

If you have religious objections maybe another career path is for you. Doctors are accused of playing God all the time, you shouldn't get to use it as an excuse to withhold treatment of a group of people you don't like. If we are all created in God's image, what's the problem? What about spreading God's love by being an example of tolerance?

Being gay is like being black, white, asian, female, indian, aborigine or eskimo. It is an accident of birth and not a penance and not something to be penalized for. There for the grace of God go I. We would do well to remember that.

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