Saturday, December 24, 2005

Best. Christmas Eve. Ever!

A family member of someone who runs security for a rather large corporation got the bathroom and moi was asked to help.

I raced to the rescue with my trusty phillips, only to discover that even though she removed the hinges (on her side, she keeps her tools in the bathroom) and I removed the knob, the deadbolt did what it was designed to do which was rather inconvenient at the time, and we collapsed into laughter except she's a claustrophobic and had to run to the little bathroom window for air.

I put the knob back on and with a little jiggling the door opened and fell inwards. The problem was that the plastic on the inside had broken and was no longer able to groove smoothly. Wow, I got to help Mary on Christmas eve, how cool is that?

Absolutely cracked me up.

And I got a grand howdy do from Skippy!

Oh yeah, can't wait until mom sees her new robe.

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