Monday, December 19, 2005

Citizen Abuse Syndrome

This country suffers from battered wife syndrome. Keep saying you're sorry, that you will change, that you will do better, but you really do know what is best and the pain will go away in a little while and if you behave you won't get hurt again but you understand that you have to do what I say. And the abused little nation says "oh, he says he's sorry and he's only trying to help protect us, he just needs us to be more patient and understanding and then it will all be better".
President's Approval Rating Rebounds: "Bush's overall approval rating rose to 47 percent, up from 39 percent in early November, with 52 percent saying they disapprove of how he is handling his job. His approval rating on Iraq jumped 10 percentage points since early November to 46 percent, while his rating on the economy rose 11 percentage points to 47 percent. A clear majority, 56 percent, said they approve of the way Bush is handling the fight against terrorism -- a traditional strong point in his reputation that nonetheless had flagged to 48 percent in the November poll."
If you're smart you leave, get help and find another place to live while you press charges and your abuser gets help.

Or you keep swallowing the drivel until you receive a blow that you can't recover from.

Or you go find a different poll of 1003 people:
"President Bush's approval ratings do not appear to have changed significantly, despite a number of recent speeches he's given to shore up public support for the war in Iraq and its historic elections on Thursday. A CNN/USA Today Gallup poll conducted over the weekend found his approval rating stood at 41 percent, while more than half, or 56 percent, disapprove of how the president is handling his job. A majority, or 52 percent, say it was a mistake to send troops to Iraq, and 61 percent say they disapprove of how he is handling Iraq specifically. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points."
1003 people in both polls, wildly different results. Diebold machines?

I feel like I'm watching a tennis game, not a particularly good one either.

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