Thursday, December 15, 2005

Feelings of Inadequacy

Don't normally bother me since my interests are so varied and the universe is so giving. but after seeing the spike in readership because of a link from cursor and then the inevitable...aaah!, you're weird, drop in returning visitors it makes me wonder just how intimidating I must be to people who have never met me and don't realize I'm one of the softest marshmallows to stick to the planet.

I'm sorry... but it is my blog. I try not to deliberately hurt people's feelings but I have NEVER been accused of not being able to make a decision or of sparing someone's feelings unnecessarily.

Bad blogger, person with authority issues, not normally considered a bad person.

I'll get over it and I hope you do to.

I actually take criticism and dissent pretty well, in that I will try to argue the point and not the person.

Let 'er rip! if you so desire.

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