Monday, December 26, 2005

Freedom From Religion

Not. This brings up the fact that not everybody celebrates the same holidays and if you are used to making stir fry from scratch you might want to get your ingredients the day of shopping. - Local / Regional News: Market’s blue over forced shutdown
Boston cops rolled up before noon to close the bustling Super 88 Market in the South Bay Center. The six-store Asian supermarket chain also opened on Thanksgiving despite warnings from Attorney General Tom Reilly.
“People need to eat. People come in here to do last-minute shopping,” shrugged an unapologetic Rudy Chen, the chain’s general manger. “It’s not a big holiday for Asians.”

Super 88 stores have closed on Chinese New Year every year for 25 years, even if the holiday falls on a prime weekend shopping day, Chen said. “We don’t expect other stores to close that day.”
Boston police spokesman Officer John Boyle said management agreed to lock the doors after police showed up.
“Detectives will issue a license premise violation and seek a complaint in South Boston District Court,” Boyle said.
Reilly’s office couldn’t be reached.
James Creelman of Roxbury got turned away at the market’s door by four uniformed police officers stationed in the entryway. He left wondering how he’d make Christmas dinner without butter.
“I think it’s kind of archaic,” Creelman grumbled. “Who is some religious type to tell me I can’t get a pound of butter?”
He can thank the Puritans, who laid down the law — the blue laws, that is — 400 years ago.
“I could use some apple sauce. Where is this place?” quipped state Sen. Cynthia Creem (D-Newton), who has pushed to repeal obscure blue laws such as those banning blasphemy and fornication.

Of course it does make you wonder how they didn't know Christmas was coming, you would have had to have been in a vacuum or speak another language. You will observe OUR holidays the other cultures are not important.

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