Wednesday, December 14, 2005

He Can Make It All Go Away

By declaring a moratorium on the death penalty, it's stupid, it's wasteful and it doesn't prevent crime. People would squawk for a week and then something else would distract them.
After Williams, a new dilemma for governor / Next: Gravely ill and blind man, 75, scheduled to die: "Allen, who has spent more than a quarter-century on Death Row, is slated to die by lethal injection Jan. 17. He would be the oldest and most infirm prisoner executed in the United States since the death penalty was restored in 1977, according to his lawyers.

Allen, who turns 76 on Jan. 16, uses a wheelchair. An advanced case of diabetes has left him legally blind. He suffered a heart attack Sept. 2.

His lawyers filed a 33-page petition for clemency Tuesday with the governor's office in Sacramento.

'He's the oldest inmate on California's Death Row. ... He's enfeebled,' Michael Satris, one of Allen's lawyers, said in an interview. 'No prisoner in the state of California has ever been executed at that age"
Sadly, the odds of our guv growing his own balls are pretty slim at this point. He wants to be reelected, like that's going to happen again.

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