Saturday, December 24, 2005

I'm Sorry MoDo

I thought it was just me who had a brother who was this clueless. Mine at least over the last few years of me pointing out inconsistencies has come to see the light. He walked in a few months ago and started his conversation with "he's going down, they'll impeach him for sure" and has been wondering ever since what's taking so long.
Hey, W., It's Safe! Read This. - New York Times: "In keeping with a holiday tradition I began last year, I'm giving the space to my conservative brother, Kevin, who delights in turning the Gray Lady a vivid shade of red.

I asked Kevin, a salesman and father of three boys who lives in a Maryland suburb of Washington, to write you, dear readers, a letter with his thoughts on the year. You will find his meditation a refreshing, or regrettable, change from me, depending on your perspective. Here it is, unexpurgated:"
Not on my blog. Hard to believe that this wasn't written tongue in cheek. Even with all of the events of the past year he swallows Faux news like little sugar pills. In the medical world we call them placebos. They make you think you are getting treated therefore you experience results.

It's going to be a wild Christmas in the Dowd household without mom to keep the peace.

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