Thursday, December 08, 2005

Just When I Think My Life Sucks

I realize I have it pretty good.
Disabled Woman's Scooter Stolen Again: "Lightning struck Gloria Brock — twice. About 18 months ago, somebody stole the disabled woman's $1,500 red scooter from her family's front yard. This week, her replacement scooter was stolen — from the back yard, where she parked it to shield it from thieves.

'When they steal my legs, they steal my life,' the 62-year-old grandmother said Wednesday, wiping away tears. 'My scooter was my legs, it was my connection to the outside world, it was everything.'

Brock, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1993, can only walk short distances and lives with her daughter and son-in-law in North Long Beach. She rode her Golden Companion II model scooter to the hair salon, grocery store, local restaurants and shops several miles away to meet friends.

The 150-pound machine had a 30-mile range and zoomed along at 6 mph, she said.

'Everyone around here knows, make room when I come by, even the gang-bangers,' quipped Brock, who sings jazz, blues and rock tunes at a local restaurant when she feels well enough. 'They call me the queen of speed.'

On Tuesday, the thief backed a white, older model Chevy pickup down Brock's long driveway and loaded the scooter into the truck bed. The thief was speeding off down the street by the time Brock made it to the front door.

Brock said she and her daughter doubt they can find enough money to buy a replacement because the scooter was used and there is a $500 deductible on the family's insurance policy."
And in the grand scheme of things, better than most. My condolences, these are traumas that ruin people's lives.

As some Christians need to learn; there, for the grace of God, go I.

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