Friday, December 16, 2005

Majorly Bummed

Rest in peace, you will be missed. - 'West Wing' actor dies at 58 - Dec 16, 2005: "Spencer, 58, died at a Los Angeles hospital, said publicist Ron Hofmann. He would have been 59 next week.

Spencer played Leo McGarry, the chief of staff to President Jeb Bartlet (Martin Sheen) through the first few seasons of the NBC series. In a sad parallel to life, his character suffered a heart attack that forced him to give up his White House job.

The character recovered and was picked as a running mate for Democratic presidential contender Matt Santos, played by Jimmy Smits; the campaign has been a central theme this season for the drama.

Spencer, who also starred on 'L.A. Law' as attorney Tommy Mullaney, received an Emmy Award for his performance on 'The West Wing' in 2002 and was nominated four other times for the drama."
This is definitely going to throw a spanner into the works. I remember when Edward Woodward had a heart attack during The Equalizer, they were freaking out in the black tower, running back and forth as if they had some kind of control over the situation.

I hate the end of the year.

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