Sunday, December 25, 2005

The only one not indicted

Was the clerk who actually sold the beer, everybody else got sued in a foolish attempt to place blame for a tragic incident. I didn't use accident because there were too many areas for intervention.

A car crash, and a trail of broken lives - Dateline NBC -
Stephen Bromstrup got the invite that day, and after getting the okay from his mom, got into the Firebird and picked up two friends. But instead of going straight to the party, they went to a convenience store, where his parents would later be stunned to learn they illicitly bought a 12-pack of Milwaukee’s Best. The boys were savvy enough to show the store cashier that they weren’t undercover operatives for the police. Paul Bromstrup: He pulled right up to the front door, Stephen driving. His buddy, 15 at the time, takes his shirt off, walks inside. The reason he takes his shirt off is so that they know he’s not wearing a wire. No asks for an ID, no fake ID used. Just walked in and bought a 12-pack of beer. After getting the alcohol, Stephen said he and his friends then detoured to this park to knock back a beer before driving to the O’Brien’s. By the time they arrived the party was in full swing.

Is the liquor store still in business?

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